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About me

Being a mother of two girls (7 and 4 years old), I feel experienced in the transformation from woman to mother. What a ride! Parenthood is definitely my greatest on-going learning process. I realize that good, emotional and physical preparation and after care is so precious for this transformation and sometimes overlooked. In my opinion there is a big gap between what a lot of mothers/parents feel and what is considered normal.

My aim is, to help parents feel safe to birth their baby into the world.

Getting informed to make conscious decisions is an important part of this process. How do you wish to give birth? What kind of setting do you wish your baby to arrive in? Answering these questions in a detailed way will help you to make the right choices.

Another part is physical as well as emotional preparation for birth and for the time after birth. The postpartum period is always honored in my services, allowing you all to land softly into the new reality. You and your baby deserve this to be a nourishing time. The effects of birth will last long after you hold your baby for the first time. Postpartum can raise a lot of (unexpected) questions too. From `who am I as a mother/father´ to `how do I feed my baby´ to `how will I ever take a shower and eat a warm meal´. And besides that I offer breastfeeding support if wished for – definitely a passion for me. I will support you to feed your baby in a way that feels good to you.

In all my services I aim to acknowledge the experiences, intuition and rights of birthing people around the world. I offer my services during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and the start of parenthood for a softer, trustful and deep level of transformation.

By this, I hope to contribute to a sense of community, of people passing on knowledge and experience.

Give yourself the space and time to let it all unfold. A new life is coming!

Education and philosophy

My background in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences helps me to think interdisciplinary, to approach life combining different perspectives. In a way, it has shaped my life into a more holistic way of living. Mental wellbeing impacts physical wellbeing, our choices affect other people and places. While living in a world society with many inequalities, I do my best to work inclusive and fair. This I practice by using organic, mostly local and seasonal ingredients, avoiding plastic one-way packaging and finding ways to support and respect the people that have preserved certain practices for so many years. I offer discount or free services to people of marginalized groups and single mothers that will benefit most of my services, but might not have the financial means to pay the regular fee for hiring a doula.

Another way of doing this, is using natural products of organic quality for my postpartum gift boxes. For example, the washable maternity pads from the brand EcoFemme make sure that for every Pad bought, a girl in India will receive one too, allowing her to go to school during her menstruation.

Other influences that help me to create a nourishing, healing time for you and your family are the following. Breathing practices, visualization and movement are part of my approach. Besides that I completed the Ondévit Basic Level. This therapy is focused on restoring mental, physical and spiritual balance in the body to promote health and let go of blockages and sickness. Lastly, my curious, sensitive and empathic nature is guiding when offering warm and attentive personalized care.

I completed my Placenta Specialist training and Postpartum Doula Training through the International Placenta & Postpartum Association. In these both courses I have learned how to practically support a mother and family in their new daily life in a natural way. My work as Placenta Specialist is focused on giving the wisdom of the Placenta back to the mother and child in different ways.

Lastly, I have trained by my amazing teachers Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Ibu Robin Lim and Mala Landt to become a Birth Doula. I am working on my DONA certification as a follow up of this course. I accompany families in the time before birth, during labor as well as the time after birth. These stages are all equally important. Contact me if you would have an introductory call or meeting to find out if I´m the right doula to support you during your pregnancy, labor and/or postpartum time. It´s very important to both feel a full yes before we decide to collaborate!

I completed my Placenta Specialist and Postpartum Doula training through the International Postpartum Association.