Home cooked meals are so precious during your postpartum period. At the same time this is exactly the time that you just want to get to know your baby and where all family members will need some time to find the new rhythm. To support you after birth I therefore offer plant based meals delivered to your home. I combine my passion for nutrition, over 10 years of catering experience, I will bring you and your family the most wholesome, delicious and nourishing food to enjoy your `4th trimester´, this phase of welcoming your baby and recovering from birth.

As in Ayurveda as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine is recommended, a woman postpartum mostly needs warmth. I will use traditional recipes adjusted to local and organic ingredients. Warming, nourishing food, snacks and herbal teas are chosen for delicious fourth trimester meals. According to your wishes I can include organic dairy and honey, or adjust in other ways to fit specific diet preferences or allergies.

Postpartum Meal Service


  • Ayurvedic postpartum package – €55 – €95

    €55 for the mother to €95 for a family with children
    breakfast, warm lunch, selected herbal teas and dinner. Includes a soothing cup of raw cacao for the mother for 1 day. This is a wonderful gift idea to support a family after birth, to spoil them with a generous amount of food from the heart.
  • Multiple day postpartum Ayurvedic meal service

    I offer packages accommodated to your needs. Prices vary, the bigger the family or the more days, the lower the price per meal/day.
  • Postpartum pantry – €134

    €134 for two people for 3 days
    a large crate with healthy and nutritious groceries, like wholesome snacks, sauces and spreads to be used when you need them, plus several home cooked meals. This crate full of carefully selected items makes sure you have in stock what is most important to feed a mother and her family right after birth.


  • Birtday cake
    A vegan, sugar-free and nutritious birthday cake to celebrate the little baby. Ingredients like almonds and dates will make sure that the mother regenerates while eating lots of this cake!


A 10% discount will be given to people combining my meal service with my other services.